Reality in the context of Physics

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This diagram is a summary of a framework encompassing what reality is and how various physics models are related to it. It overcomes numerous foundational questions that have troubled physicists. It unites different kinds of physics model into a singular framework where they work together rather than contradicting each other. It  overcomes the temporal paradoxes of relativity. As well as the structure given, an important feature of the explanatory framework is that all matter, particles and media are in continuous motion over all scales within Object reality and  not just at any singular scale that might be considered. The object reality can be regarded as a sequence of iterations or arrangements. Only the youngest of which exists, as former arrangements are recycled into new arrangements and structures that persist move to new positions along their universal paths ( the path resulting from all changes at all scales).

 As only the youngest arrangement exists, the sequence of former iterations is shown outside of the Object reality. It can be imagined and is important because some  phenomena such as waves and theoretical ideas such as the probabilities of a quantum system need to be imagined spread over the sequence  of arrangements. This is not like Block time as everything in the youngest iteration exists simultaneously and there is no other time in Object reality. Uni-temporal Object reality configuration time ORc-time and the existing configuration are synonymous. Change in Object universe configuration gives passage of time.

 The data pool is the potential sensory data, primarily EM radiation, within the uni-temporal environment from which space-time outputs can be produced. Vision being most human being's primary sense whereby knowledge of the external environment is obtained. The image reality output is shown on a different level because it is a different facet of reality even though it is wholly within the object reality. For analogy consider the fantasy land within a novel, fabricated from the letter data within the book(output image reality), existing wholly within the material (object reality) of the book (data source) and reader(observer). 

Events encoded within the EM radiation (that can be processed into the experienced present of an observer or space-time output of a device with reality interface such as a camera) allows relativity and non simultaneity of events for differently located and differently moving observers. This sensory data within the environment can be called Data-time. Only whine the data is received and processed by an observer organism or device does it become space -time emergent reality.

Briefly concerning the un-changeability of former configurations  and Grandfather paradox

Though the former iteration is replaced the effect it had remains the causal history of the new configuration. The sequence of iterations can not be altered because the former iterations cease to exit and are so not available for changes to occur.There can be no going back to visit Grandfather and changing the future by changing the configurations of the universe that formerly existed.As the former configurations have ceased to be they and their causal effect,ie the changes that were brought about by the forces within those configurations are unchangeable. The effects can long outlasting the configurations themselves. Some stable structural changes may be very long lasting indeed, The example of some genetic mutations spring to mind. Other arrangements "dissolve" as quickly as they formed. Em sensory data, signals  produced from  selective absorption and emission or reflection  of EM from the surface of objects persists in the environment and can be received by an observer and processed into an space-time image reality output. The image produced contains images of objects and not material (made of atoms) objects. Thus even though images of configurations that were part of former iterations of the Object universe can be seen they are not the past itself but a fabricated version.

Beables, objects, as axioms and the importance of differentiation between types of 'object' all referred to by the same name , actualised beeable, potential sensory data, image manifestation , representation 

That  material objects, made of atoms exist,  even though only the output of processing received light is seen, is an axiom and is in agreement with  Richard Feynman, though he did not appear to realize the significance of his pronouncement.
Prof Feynman, Quote: "The question of whether or not when you see something you see only the light or you see the thing you're looking at is one of those dopey philosophical things that an ordinary person has no difficulty with. Even the most profound philosopher, when sitting and eating his dinner, hasn't any difficulty in making out that what he's looking at perhaps might only be the light from the steak, but it still implies the existence of the steak which he is able to lift by the fork to his mouth. The philosophers that weren't able to make that analysis and that idea have fallen by the wayside from hunger." / Richard Feynman on hungry philosophers

When we talk about seeing objects we are not seeing the object itself but the image of the source object, fabricated from the EM radiation received. There is thus, for example, cat(Object, source of em input) that is unseen, Cat(Image, output from EM processing) seen, Cat(representation) are all called cat but not the same phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination. Differentiation is required. Realizing that the "Objects" observed are images and not material objects themselves(the sources of the data) makes Barn pole type paradoxes non counter intuitive.   Object reality contains things as they are of themselves. Not our objective reality because we have usually just one viewpoint rather than all viewpoints. An actualized (made actual) material object in object reality is now abbreviated to an a-object. The subjective reality is encompassed within I am calling Image reality. How we observe (not rationalize) objects to be, seeing not their actualised form but a manifestation, m-, formed from processing of received data. Again usually only one viewpoint but the outputs can be amalgamated into an objective view.  The human visual system is very complicated. There are vast amounts research. Vision is not confined to visual areas of the brain but also areas of memory and language. We do not just see things, we recognize them, can name them, associate them with other things, or places, or times. Shape and motion are processed together. Relative movement is very important for object recognition. A mouse in plain sight that keeps very still can avoid detection.And so on.. My point when describing how we get from Object reality space to space-time was to emphasize that it is not a direct projection but a process, as occurs in a camera or in the processes of human perception.

 The RICP explanatory framework diagram is a Venn diagram amalgamated with a flow diagram. The Venn diagram aspect is mathematical. The structure works. Re Russell's paradox  illustrated by the  Barber paradox ;Within this explanatory framework self reference is possible as an observer can see "himself in a mirror" however the self he sees is a manifestation fabricated from the received reflected EM sensory data , and this is not the observer substantial man made of atoms himself.  It is very important the the types of 'object' are differentiated as substantial actualized objects( made of atoms), potential sensory data encoding objects, and manifestations, emergent outputs of data processing. In this way paradoxes that would arise through naive set theory are avoided .   The following shorthand  can be used ; a-for actualized Object reality, d for potential sensory data (Object reality) and m for manifestation Image reality.

Between these two aspects of reality, and also part of the Object reality, is potential sensory data. Photons, sound waves, chemicals in the air. d-. Though I realize that there is not a distinct object when it is in the data form but a 'superposition of all it could bee seen/sensed to be and not separate from other data its environment. Everything is within the object reality but the image reality is emergent within it. Like a fantasy realm can exist within a material book. The book and the fantasy realm both have a kind of existence but they are not the same. Manifestations and actualisations are not the same . A manifestation is like a person in the book but an actualisation is like the book's cover.
Are they equivalent? no. Just because we see image cat and make a representation or symbolic token to represent it, such as CAT, does not mean we must discount the existence of the source of the EM that was processed into the image cat that is observed. It is imperative to have that which is unseen, beables, in a effective explanatory framework for physics, allowing compatibility of QM and relativity, and overcoming the temporal paradoxes. That which is seen is a product of data processing, unseen are the data itself that is the input, and the sources of that data.

Observers from other regions of the Object universe were raised only to show that there is the potential for multiple different visible universes. Not just the one we on Earth observe, that has the Earth as its center.

The assumption about time in reality from classical physics is due to that" map" including times past and from relativity that the space time continuum is actual times future and past rather than just output of data processing. These assumption give time a presence in the ideas about the universe that it does not have in actuality. The Object reality has no time dimension as there is only what is -Now and the time dimension of the space-time continuum belongs to the output of sensory data processing not the external reality in which the data existed prior to receipt. 

Explaining the perceived arrow of time

In the Object reality: what the atoms and particles are doing. Due to the laws of physics configurations of objects and particles are coming in to being. That gives a sequence of configurations. However the sequence does not exist as a material component of the universe as the configuration that is becomes the next, by recycling of the contents. This process is not directly observable, occurring prior to the formation of image realities formed by receipt and processing of received sensory data. There is no time outside of what is/unitemporal-Now.

Whatever configuration is next in the sequence whether a new one or a previous one, elapsed time is still positive. Hence we do not consider reversible reactions to be going backwards in time. Vases do not reassemble by themselves because energy input is required for that to happen, a human being providing the necessary work can reassemble it. 

The image reality: The Present is formed from processing of received EM data. That potential sensory data produced from the emission or reflection from the surface of objects,  is travelling through the environment at the speed of light. So in order to receive the signal in the reverse order to its production it would be necessary to travel faster than light to outrun the signal and intercept it. We can not travel faster than light to do that so never see the reversal. Even though there is apparent non simultaneity of events due to observer location and relative motion.Proof of principle can be demonstrated using sound rather than light. Firing a microphone bullet through sound or shock waves. Intercepting them in the reverse order to production. 

IF there is an Object universe where the objects, atoms and other particles exist without temporal spread ie everything existing exists at the same and only time; ( Presentism but preceding the observed /experienced present) AND IF within that Object universe there is also EM data, that persists in the environment and that can be received and processed by observers into an output containing temporal spread IE space-time. Now, that experienced output reality allows non simultaneity of events to be experienced because the output reality formed depends upon the location in which the sensory data is received.
I think the discovery of space-time was a great breakthrough but has been misunderstood for a very long time. Time is fused with space in the output Image reality produced from data processing.Due to the non instantaneous speed of light causing transmission delay and so information arriving at the observer together has taken different lengths of time to arrive but are fused together into a space-time output.

*I agree that shapes ( of objects or relative positions of objects) do 'evolve' in Newtonian type space, iteration by iteration aka over passage of time. IMO in Object reality as a singular absolute sequential emergence. Why did I say absolute?, because it isn't any one viewpoint that is emerging but all possible viewpoints simultaneously!! (Does that ring any quantum physics bells?) As there is no observer there is no one viewpoint that can be said to be correct. Very large as would be seen close up and very small as would be seen from far away and as seen from every possibility in between and from every different angle.All possibilities for that shape exist simultaneously. Imagine it as an orientable 3D model, that can be seen as a sequence of 3D orientable transformations not a sequence of 2D static representations. 

Perspective and simultaneity

That singular absolute sequential emergence doesn't run contrary to non simultaneity of events, due to where different observers of events receive their sensory data. They experience different space-time outputs as there are different transmission time delays involved for each position.
Surely  size seen depends upon the perspective of the observer too. If I look at two clocks one moving away from me and one staying by my side, the time on the receding clock will slow because it is taking longer for the light reflected from the clock to reach me but it is also appearing to get smaller. I don't see why that step is needed to get to a physical meaning of simultaneity of events but it works. If two identically made clocks look to be identical in shape and scale then they are simultaneously existing. If one is smaller than the other, further away then the image production is delayed and the clock image observed was not simultaneously existing with the image produced from the larger looking near clock.

Where does time fit?

The Object universe is recycling and reusing structures as it creates itself so there is only ever one of it , the youngest version. An imaginary (not simultaneously existing material) sequence of those Object universes can be visualized. The Object universe contains a-objects and d-objects(potential sensory data from which manifestations m-objects can be formed.) 

The observer can only interact with the Object universe concurrently in existence, which out of the sequence depends upon when the observer makes the data selection. The data selected from the single iteration, can have been added to the data pool from different iterations of the universe. Which data is chosen from the single iteration of the universe sampled will depend upon spatial position and orientation of the observer. The data selected is then processed into emergent output (Image reality).

The human visual system will amalgamate two 2D planes of sensory data into a 3D output with temporal component incorporated. I.E. it can contain images of objects as they were at different times. Eg. light from distant mountains takes longer to arrive than near vase of flowers. So the m-flowers are images of a younger version of reality than the m-mountains. With a camera one 2D image will be produced but also with incorporated temporal component.

There is no time dimension of the Object universe, ( an imaginary time line along which the iterations of the Object universe are spread can be imagined.)The data, though produced by different iterations, exists within the one iteration spread out from the material, a-object, source, without any property to distinguish when it was produced. For calculation purposes individual 2 spheres could be considered. The ideal, imagined ball of data existing wholly within a single iteration of the Object universe could be regarded as a nest of 2 spheres each sphere relating to a different source iteration of the Object universe when that data was produced..In vivo it is a far more complex situation as the data will be spreading out from more complex shapes and will interact with the environment. 

January 1, 1992 vol. 89 no. 1 Psychophysical support for a two-dimensional view interpolation theory of object recognition

H H B├╝lthoff and S Edelman


Does the human brain represent objects for recognition by storing a series of two-dimensional snapshots, or are the object models, in some sense, three-dimensional analogs of the objects they represent? One way to address this question is to explore the ability of the human visual system to generalize recognition from familiar to unfamiliar views of three-dimensional objects................. 

We have exploited the conflicting predictions to test the three theories directly in a psychophysical experiment involving computer-generated three-dimensional objects. Our results suggest that the human visual system is better described as recognizing these objects by two-dimensional view interpolation than by alignment or other methods that rely on object-centered three-dimensional models."

I wanted to find more recent research on this subject but this example I think illustrates there not being direct projection from the Object reality space onto emergent 3n+1 space-time but assembly of 3D image reality, containing a temporal component, from 2D samples. 

The relationship between Object reality and image reality has some similarity to the description of  implicate and explicate orders described in this paper  ALGEBRAS, QUANTUM THEORY AND PRE-SPACE  by F. A. M. FRESCURA and B. J. HILEY, Department of Physics, Birkbeck College, London WC1E 7HX UK (Received In February, 22, 1984)

the following is an except from that paper: 

"In the traditional view, it is assumed that there exists a reality in space-time and that this reality is a given thing, all of  whose aspects can be viewed or articulated at any given moment. Bohr was the first to point out that quantum mechanics called this traditional outlook into question. To him the "indivisibility of the quantum of action'', which was his way of describing the uncertainty principle, implied that not all aspects of a system can be viewed simultaneously. By using one particular piece of apparatus only certain features could be made manifest at the expense of others, while with a different piece of apparatus another complementary aspect could be made manifest in such a way that the original set became non-manifest, that is, the original attributes were no longer well defined. For Bohr, this was an indication that the principle of complementarity, a principle that he had previously known to appear extensively in other intellectual disciplines but which did not appear in classical physics, should be adopted as a universal principle.

The Cartesian view was thus limited and had to be replaced by a very different outlook which was to be justified by the principle of complementarity in which complementary views, which at a classical level are contradictory, enter the description of nature in a necessary and essential way.For many, this implied a limitation to any further intuitive development in physics. But for Bohm, such a view seemed too restrictive and the introduction of the implicate order suggested a way forward without the need for classically contradictory statements. For him the manifestation of outward appearances involved forming explicate orders so that these orders emerged from the implicate order in a well defined way. What then becomes a fundamental form of description is the relation between the implicate and the explicate orders. In this view, space-time itself must be part of an explicate order. When this order is in its implicate form, it is called pre-space (Bohm and Hi1ey [6]). In this view, the space-time manifold is not a priori given. Rather it is to be abstracted from a deeper prespace.

In this pre-space, the notion of locality is not primary but is a relationship in prespace which, in an appropriate explicate order, becomes a local order in the explicate space-time. Exactly what links this explicate order with our classical view of space-time is not completely understood yet, but working from the S-matrix approach, Chew [7] and Stapp [8] have suggested that the soft photons are to play an essential role. Whatever the precise nature of these processes we see that the appearance of non-locality arises from the implicate pre-space through relationships that cannot be made local. Thus we see the possibility of the non-locality in quantum mechanics arising in a new and subtle way.Clearly a description of the implicate order cannot be based upon particles or fields acting locally in an a priori given space-time. We prefer to consider a view more akin to that of Whitehead, which regards process as the primary form. He used the more neutral term activity. In this view, an object will arise as an abstraction from a quasi-stable relatively invariant feature of the basic underlying activity.

6. Bohm D. and Hiley B., Generalisation of the Twistor to Clifford Algebras as a Basis for Geometry, Revista Brasileira de Physica, Volume Especial, Os 70 anos de Mario Schonberg, 1-26, 1984.

7. Chew G., Found. Phys. 13, 273 (1983); Gentle Quantum Events As The Source of the Explicate Order, in Quantum Implications, ed B. J. Hiley and F. D. Peat, pp. 249-254, 19878. Stapp H., Phys. Rev. 28D , 1386-1418, (1983)

 [Bold text for emphasis added by Georgina Parry to indicate relevance to the explanatory framework being presented.]

There is further discussion of uncertainty and how this applies to both quantum and macroscopic realities on the page called The structure.


These definitions are given to avoid ambiguity of meaning which can cause the explanatory framework to be misunderstood. It can be used as a reference to check that the same meaning of the word is being used and applied. In order for this explanatory framework to work in modelling reality,answering questions and overcoming paradoxes it is necessary that the terms are understood and applied only as defined for use in this context.

Alternative definitions can not be substituted or added, even though they may be perfectly acceptable meanings of the terms in other situations and may be widely accepted to have those meanings. Unless the meaning and its function is entirely unaltered by that substitution.
Where the meaning being used is consistent with an English dictionary definition that is often given. Where a dictionary definition has not been given it is important that such a definition is not substituted or used alongside the definition given unless care is taken to ensure the meaning or function is not altered in doing so.
1.That which has become actual or real independently of observation. That
which has existence unobserved and unobservable, independent of all
observer's perspectives and potential observer perspectives . 2.The
material/substance/objects/media within space. That which is within/ makes
up the Source (object) reality

Causality front
Another name for uni-temporal Now. Useful when discussing causality within
space-time. An event that is observed is not at the causality front as it takes
time for data to reach and be interpreted by an observer. The delay
depending upon distance from the interacting objects. It is the simultaneous
changing of the iteration of the universe according to the forces , gradients
and potential differences acting upon the arrangement of objects to allow,
constrain or prevent changes, giving a new pattern formation or reiteration of
existing pattern.

Change make or become different; alter. 2. To replace or exchange for another: to
change ones name 3, to transform or convert or to be transformed or
The new Collins concise dictionary of the English language.

(Spatial change.)
This term is used to refer to a change of spatial position or location. It could
refer to a translation, rotation , scaling transformation or combination of such

Data pool
The totality of potential sensory data within the uni-temporal environment.
As we are primarily visual creatures so this is used to referring mostly to EM
waves, visible and detectable with artificial devices. Though it can also
include sound waves, ultra and infra sound, chemicals in the air, chemical
dissolved in water, electric fields, magnetic fields, gravitational fields.
Detectable by the human organism, other biological organisms, artificial
devices, sensitive materials.
D.P =Data Pool
Potential sensory data..
That data which is potentially accessible to the
senses of biological organisms directly or via technology. E.M data but also
sound waves, chemicals in air and liquid, magnetic data. Data passes into the
pool from object reality eg by reflection or emission of EM, sound waves or
chemicals from objects. ( black arrows on diagram.) It is a sub set of object
reality. The data is concretely real but can not be observed except through
the Manifestation of it in an image reality.

Change of spatial position (if reference to space is made)  of an object or objects, particle or particles,
material, substance or medium in source reality, which may or may not have
related observed manifestation. Or potential for such change.
If more correctly reference is made only to relationships of entites within space then it is change 
in that relationship that occurs independently of observation, or the potential for such change.
Energy of sufficient magnitude has an observable manifestation which is the the work it performs.
Change or potential for change can be regarded as energy. 

The totality of matter, objects, particles, media, materials, substance within
uni-temporal space. The totality of potential sensory data within the unitemporal
The totality of observer present -now space-time manifestation and all
records. Includes all existent potential for change within the uni-temporal
arrangement and the energy of transition, that energy or change which
transitions across the uni-temporal arrangement between prior arrangement
and next arrangement.

External reality
That which exists externally to the observer but is not the space-time
manifestation produced by the observer. Used instead of source reality when
talking about its relationship to the observer.
Unwritten future/open future
1.That which has not yet happened in unobserved reality but will. 2.
Imaginary future. 3.Potential reality.
Imaginary historical time line
An imaginary line along which the former iterations of the object universe can
be imagined. A line threaded through the iterations would represent the path
of an object has taken through space. The former iterations do not exist, they
are not an existent past- but can be imagined.

Repeatedly solving an equation to obtain a result using the result from the
previous calculation, is called 'iteration'. From iterate to say or do again,
repeat. What comes next, the next Actualisation, is the result from all of the
processes (constrained and allowed by the existing variables and
parameters in the uni-temporal space) [akin to the calculation] using what
exists (as the input/ingredients), which is the previous resultant Actualisation.
The reiteration is continual whether there is other change due to an applied
force or not. If a force is applied, altering the trajectory of an object, or particle
or substance then the underlying process giving same pattern reiteration
alone is altered so the resultant iteration is a different pattern. The pattern can
change a little or a lot, depending on the energy input. The ongoing process
of continual reiteration is unchanged, though the spatial pattern is altered.

1.The output of an artificial detector or sensitive material when data is input.
eg. Photograph , sound recording , click of Geiger counter.
2.That which is seen /experienced by an observer and is considered by that
observer to exist or to have originated externally to him/herself. Either formed
through input and processing of sensory data from outside of the observer, or
internally generated, or both.
M= Manifestation observed. Image reality.
This is the representation produced from the data intercepted. It could be the
conscious experience of a higher organism. Or film image produced by a
camera or other type of representation produced by an instrument that
recieves data and gives an output using the input . The observed present
which is a relative space-time output reality. Only exists because of observer
object reality interaction. ( May be related to ideas of decoherence of wave
function in QM.)

Past, present and (prewritten) future
Terms relating to the manifestation of present-now. Terms related to spacetime
both experienced and mathematical. Terms that reflect the experience of
the observer from his particular perspective. Which depends upon reference
frame and distance from the origin of the data intercepted.
Present/ present-now /here-now /"now";
All terms for the observed manifestation formed by an observer from received
sensory data and formed through internal processing into a representation of
external reality. Either referring to just the appearance in space (present), in
space-time(present-now/ here-now), or in time("now").
This may be events occurring externally to the observer or reported to
him/her in real time such as a live TV show. The temporal delay between the
recording of the event and the observation of the show will not alter the
perception of it as occurring "now".

a former present-now manifestation seen by the observer in question, which
has been superseded. A former present-now of other observers reported to
the observer in question and so known to have happened. (See records)
Prewritten future (written future)
That data existing within the uni-temporal environment that will be,, but has
not yet been, intercepted by an observer and formed into a manifestaion
experinced as present- now

As observation is recording or acknowledgement of the manifestation of
reality observed or experienced. Formed from data originating at the
actualized reality in the object universe. The manifestation comes into being
and is then observed but the actualization already was but unknown. The
actualization has to pre-exist the manifestation in order to be the source of
the data received and used to form the manifestation.

Output (Image) reality
The manifestation/s output formed by an observer whether a biological
organism or artificial detector, or sensitive material. Formed from the receipt
of input converted into different output.
The universe does not come into existence from many co-existing
possibilities when viewed by an observer but the manifestation is created
from environmental data emitted or reflected from the -prior- actualization of
the Object Universe and received and processed by the observer.

Transmitter of frequency information and by number of, intensity information.
The data carried by the photon may become a part of the experienced
present when it -arrives- and its position at detection, frequency and/or
intensity data (related to no. of photons) is processed. It is not in the observer's present when it left its
source of emission or reflection. When it arrives the data it provides can be used 
by the observer together with other data to form a representation of what was. It will be
experienced as the present- though, obviously, there has been a transmission
and processing delay, however small.

1.adj. possible but not yet actual, capable of becoming, latent 2.verb
expressing possibility 3. latent but unrealized ability. Collins Concise
dictionary of the English language.
adj. capable of becoming or of being used or of being developed. noun. an
ability or capacity for development or use. The New Zealand Oxford
paperback dictionary.

adj. 1. Existing or occurring in the physical world, not imaginary , fictitious or
theoretical; actual 2. True, actual not false. 3. deserving of the name; rightly
so called: a real friend. 4. not artificial or simulated; genuine: real fur.
5.Philosophy. existent or relating to actual existence rather than non
existence, existing.
The new Collins concise dictionary of the English language.

1. the state of things as they are or appear to be, rather than as one might
wish them to be. 2. something that is real. 3.the state of being real.
4.philosophy. a) awareness b) the totality of facts. reality. actually, in fact.
The new Collins concise dictionary of the English language.
-Reality: the quality of being real.: resemblance to an original. 2. All that is
real, the real world as opposed to fantasy.
NZ Oxford English dictionary
The reality Interface.
In this explanatory framework the reality interface is an object, system,
material, device or organism that converts received input that is unobserved
to different observed or observable output.
The Prime reality interface
The human sensory system and central nervous system that converts
received sensory data input into observed /experienced output reality.

Records clearly are not the past itself but storage of some characteristics
/facts/ features of a former observed manifestations. Prone to influence of
subjective opinion, bias , deliberate or accidental falsification, loss, alteration,
or exclusion of data. To avoid ambiguity it is best not to refer to any of this as
the past.
That which exists within records both external to the observer such as data
stored on disc, tape , vinyl, mp3, paper etc or internal memory of the former
observer of it.
R= Records. Physical records of all kinds.
I.R.= Internal Records ie. Memories. Storage of information within the
biological organism through growth and connection of neurons. Subjective
past. Sub set of R.

Representation: 1.the act or an instance of representing or the state of being
represented.(re-present)vb. to present again. 2. Anything that represents
such as a verbal or pictoral portrait.3.anything that is represented such as an
image brought clearly to mind.The Collins Concise dictionary of the English
Representation: n.representing or being represented 2. something that
represents another eg a picture or diagram. The New Zealand Oxford
paperback dictionary.

Source (Object ) reality
It is possible to comprehend the existence of a foundational reality separate
from experience, which although it can not be experienced can be
theoretically and logically modelled. That is a model of what exists as
substantial reality. Substantial ; 6. real ,actual , true; 7.relating to the basic or
fundamental substance or aspects of a thing (The new Collins concise
dictionary of the English language)Rather than interpretation or simulation or
image of reality formed from sensory input and internal processing by the
brain, artificial device or reaction of a sensitive material or substance. The
existing source reality and the observed output reality, are not identical . One
is a simulation or image of the other. They can be separated as concepts in
the mind and therefore also within a theoretical model to aid comprehension
of physics.
1.The source or object reality is: The actualization of the universe. 2.That
which exists independently of the manifestations seen by observers and
produced from detections by artificial devices. 3. The origin of sensory data
and potential sensory data which is emitted or reflected from it. It includes the
source objects for the data in the environment, the data and its medium of
transmission, and the observers, living and artificial.

Another word for sequent. Sequent:adj.1.following in orderor sucession.2.
Following as a result. 3.Something that follows. The Collins concise dictionary
of the English language.

time dimension
The 4th dimension of space-time. The scalar dimension of time or ict that is
used together with 3 spatial vector dimensions. A dimension that models the
temporal delay of EM affecting the manifestation of reality observed by an
observer receiving such delayed data.

Uni-temporal Now
Current time when referring to the temporally homogeneous spatial
arrangement of the Object (reality) Universe under consideration shall be
called Uni- temporal, or Objective, Now to distinguish it from the present. It
spans the whole Object Universe and can be regarded as a single co-existing
spatial arrangement and distribution of objects in space, not space-time. The
current and only existentially real configuration of objects, forming a part of a
sequence or continuum of such arrangements (depending on how change is

Here is  the symbol key used in the essay "Category and Reconciliation Errors"


A.. Actualized, a substantial element of reality.

Ab.. absolute, no singular reference frame applied.

Category error.. failure to correctly identify or discriminate between different kinds of element of reality belonging to the different facets of reality.

Definite.. certain and un-altering

EOIR.. element of Image reality.

EOOR.. element of Object reality, not same as objective reality.

Image reality.. emergent output reality from sensory data /measurement processing, Individual observer specific or objective via shared output or shared sensory data input.

L.. Limited (partial sample)

FS ...Fixed state.. a selection giving one un-altering state

MS.. Mixed state..a selection containing more than one state

Manifestation .. Output of sensory data processing

O Observable

Object reality.. foundational, source reality of substantial objects and particles and potential sensory data.

Objective reality.. Multi-observer corroborated Image reality

PSD.. Potential sensory data

R..related to

Reality interface..Interface between object reality and image reality where input sensory data is converted to output manifestations.

The Prime reality Interface is the human sensory system inc. CNS. That converts input sensory data from Object reality into experienced present manifestation.

S.. source, a substantial EOOR that is source of the potential sensory data under consideration.

Subjective reality...Personal experience of Image reality

Pre-written future.. PSD within the environment that may be received by an observer and be processed into experienced present.

Un-written future..Imaginary future that has no substantial existence.

Uni-temporal.. singular universal time of Object reality. Passage of time being the change in configuration of the Object universe, only the youngest arrangement having substantial existence. The sequence of arrangements is imaginary (it has no substantial reality).

Here I have used O for observable rather than theta used in the essay and diagram. I thought O might be confused with Object, which is S for source, but thinking about it some mire theta might be even more confusing as it already has a number of other uses in mathematics and various branches of science.